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Sustained Release Anti-Fungal/Anti-Yeast
Formula Is Preferred by Many Doctors

Naturally Sustained Release Caprylates Deliver Caprylic Acid Throughout the Intestinal Tract

Caprylic acid is an anti-fungal, eight carbon, short chain fatty acid preferred by many doctors over the prescription drug Nystatin for the control of Candida Albicans.

The Caprylic Plus formula uses caprylic acid as mineral caprylates. The solubility profile of the specially prepared ingredients allows for a slow, uniform sustained release of caprylic acid along the entire length of the gastrointestinal tract.  Although caprylic acid  is readily absorbed in the intestines, the naturally sustained release Caprylic Plus formula ensures the delivery of caprylic acid throughout the colonic region where Candida infestation is usually maximal.

Many caprylic acid supplements are made with sodium caprylate. Caprylic Plus is sodium free, using instead the essential minerals, calcium, magnesium and zinc for its natural sustained release action.

Caprylic Acid Proven Effective against Candida Albicans in Both Clinical Trials and In Vitro Studies

The anti-fungal effect of caprylic acid has ben demonstrated in both clinical trials and in vitro studies. In the pH range of 2.5 - 8.5, caprylic acid exhibits high fungicidal activity against yeasts, especially Candida Albicans. In vitro testing using 0.5 X -5M, caprylic acid destroys 100% of all Candida cells within 60 minutes at pH 6.

The exact mechanism of fungicidal action is not fully understood; however, it is postulated that caprylic acid dissolves the cell membrane of yeast, causing changes in fluidity and permeability that lead to membrane disaggregation.

It has been said that Candida migrate into the mucosal wall. Because of its excellent lipotrophic properties (which allow it to penetrate the mucosal cells), caprylic acid is also believed to be effective against intramucosal Candida. Absorbed caprylic acid can be oxidized both in the mitochondrial and extra-mitochondrial compartments of mammalian tissues, thereby eliminating any additional toxic burden to the liver.

Caprylic Plus is also recommended in the prophylactic treatment of Candida during long term antibiotic therapy.

In addition to its effectiveness against all Candida species and strains, caprylic acid has been successfully used against other gastrointestinal yeast species such at Geotrichium and Rhodotorula.

Caprylic Plus also seems to be of benefit to patients with mild constipation. It is believed that either because of its slightly soapy nature, caprylic acid may function as a lubricant or that the reduction in the Candida infestation permits more regular bowel movement.

Non-Toxic and Non-Sensitizing At Recommended Dosages

Caprylic Plus is virtually non-toxic and non-sensitizing at the recommended dosages. Very large doses (5 times the recommended dose) can cause mucosal irritation and produce diarrhea and nausea. In some patients, fatigue and flu-like symptoms may occur during the first 2 - 5 days of caprylic acid use. This reaction is currently described as a yeast die-off and reabsorption phenomenon. Herxheimer reaction (antigens reacting with antibodies) results in histamine release, swelling and pain.

Additional Recommendations for Controlling Candida Albicans

To restore proper colon ecology and inhibit the growth of pathogenic organisms, Caprylic Plus should be taken in conjunction with potent, high quality, lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacteria supplements such as Acidophilus E.C. and Bifido Plus E.C. to normalize the levels of these healthful microorganisms.

Paradex Herbal Formula contains herbs that have been shown to inhibit the growth of Candida and to eliminate other intestinal parasites that may be present.

High potency Garlic and CoEnzyme Q10 are beneficial in treating Candida Albicans. Homeopathic formulas are also available.

Since nutritional status is likely to be compromised, a high potency, balanced multiple vitamin and mineral supplement such as Mega N-R-G Thirty is also recommended.

WARNING: This publication and the product contained herein have not been approved or evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This publication, and the product contained herein are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The product relates to nutritional support only.


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Naturally Sustained Release Caprylic Acid

Product No. 920 Fill Size: 100 Capsules

Three capsules contain: % Daily Value

Caprylic Acid (as caprylate) 1380 mg. *
Calcium (as caprylate) 100 mg. 10%
Magnesium (as caprylate) 50mg. 12.6%
Zinc (as caprylate) 5 mg. 33%
Other ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose, gelatin. *Daily Value not established.

Recommended Usage:For Adults: 4 capsules 3 times daily or 6 capsules twice daily, taken with meals.

For Children: 4 capsules twice daily with meals.

Note: Because of its fat solubility, it is recommended that dietary fat, i.e. butter, salad oil, etc., be included at meals when Caprylate Complex is taken, or Flax Seed Oil may be taken as a supplement in liquid or capsule form. Flax Seed Oil is an excellent source of both Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids.

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